Washing Clothes

We at Dickson laundry offer you different cloth washing services and the cost varies as per the service you choose. We also offer you some premium washing services that you are getting at a very non-premium price. At Dickson laundry, your clothes get washed with utmost care and sincerity. Our way of cloth washing ensures you a perfect stain free cloth. We also clean up any smaller or severe stain and soil from your clothes. We offer you the quality that can make you feel the same freshness of a new garment. We believe washing is a sophisticated task and we provide different washing varieties from where you can choose your preferred one. Our washing technique is more advanced and convenient than the other conventional washing methods.

Our jumbo wash gives you the experience of a perfect wash. Moreover, it is flexible with any kind of laundry load. You can also avail our advanced hot water washing technique that makes your cloth smooth and you can feel the change after getting it washed from Dickson laundry. Our expert professionals always monitor the water temperature for specific washing processes. Some of the garments like hand-made knits, fibers, jeans need warm water for a good wash. So, we always maintain the water temperature according to the washing patterns.

  • We provide advanced wash technique to maintain the quality of your garments
  • Our washing patterns are segmented in different types to provide you the best service as per your requirement